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Jughead, Vol. 1 by Chip Zdarsky, Erica Henderson (Illustrations)

Jughead, Vol. 1 (Jughead (2015) #1) by Chip Zdarsky, Erica Henderson (Illustrations)

Rating: 🍁🍁🍁🍁

Jughead had always been a forgettable character for me, until I started watching Riverdale (and even then I only really gave a damn about him until season two). All I knew is in Archie comics there’s always this goofy dude in the background, wearing a grey crown.

Jughead isn’t only interesting enough to get his own comic, but he’s also funny as hell. This comic is just silly and goofy all-around and it’s quite entertaining.

The main story is there’s a draconian new principal at the school, who rubs Jughead the wrong way. The fun part is every chapter is peppered with Jughead’s daydreams, where he is always the hero in the story. In one of them he travels to the future, in another he’s a pirate, in another he’s a superhero, etc. The superhero is the only one I didn’t like, it just was too over-the-top silly and had that feeling of “I’ve seen this and parodies of this a million times before.”

If you’ve never ever read Archie comics, I wouldn’t start here, but if you’re familiar with the characters, go right ahead! It’s really fun. And if you’ve only watched Riverdale, just know that this isn’t the dark, broody Jughead you’re used to seeing, this is the goofy one; but he’s just as clever as the other one.


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