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We Are Where the Nightmares Go and Other Stories by C. Robert Cargill

we are where the nightmares goRating: 🍁🍁🍁🍁

I hate horror but I picked this up because C. Robert Cargill is one of my favorite authors and I’ll indiscriminately buy anything with his name on it. (I only regretted it during the gory bits.)

This book includes 10 stories. (If you’ve read the author’s Dreams and Shadows duology, this book might interest you because the last story is of Colby Stevens with the Clever Men in Australia.)

Most of them include the author’s usual style of dark existential thoughtfulness mixed with the supernatural. Many of them use an unsettling type of horror that makes the back of your neck tingle and the pit of your stomach bubble. And a handful of them areΒ quite gory and graphic at times. (I especially had trouble with Hell They Call Him, the Screamers. It’s only four pages long but it took me many days to read because it’s awfully intense.) It’s the kind of book where you want to look away but you can’t because you’re reading.

Even if you dislike horror and/or don’t want to read every single story in this book, you CANNOT miss Hell Creek, the zombie story set 65 million years ago during the time when Triceratops, the main character, was alive. You know when there’s a war scene in a movie and you’re worried about the horses getting injured but you’re not worried at all about the people fighting? This story will make you feel that for our endearing protagonist, times a thousand. Also, zombies plus dinosaurs sounds like such a fitting, logical combination yet it’s so unheard of.

I would recommend this to: people who love horror and EVERYONE EVER NEEDS TO READ THE ZOMBIE DINOSAUR STORY because it’s so unique.