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King Lear by William Shakespeare

King Lear by William ShakespeareRating: 🍁🍁🍁🍁🍁

King Lear is one of his most notable tragedies, and it has one big similarity with The Winter’s Tale: the kings in each play just randomly go mad at the start and they inexplicably spurn someone that they love most dearly, and that is why everything goes to hell during the play. Had they randomly decided not to casually hate against someone, the play might not have had a plot. 

But even if Lear hadn’t effed everything up by himself, there’s quite a lot of evil characters that probably would have found another way to further their selfish plots.

King Lear also has some of the saltiest insults I’ve ever read in Shakespeare. I remember reading a few in other plays, but not this many and not this often. Here’s a couple I highlighted: 

“You are not worth the dust which the rude wind/Blows in your face.” (4.2.30-31)

“(…) I had rather be any / kind o’ thing than a Fool, and yet I would not be thee, Nuncle: thou hast pared thy wit o’ both sides / and left nothing i’ th’ middle. (…)” (1.4.189-192)


If you liked Julius Caesar and Hamlet, chances are you’ll like King Lear too.